Consultancy and electronic design are probably among the highest added value services provided by BRB S.R.L. Who knows what it’s like to start with an initial product idea and follow the project until it’s complete. In order to do so, we develop together with the Customer the necessary steps to achieve the project, working in synergy with the client’s business know-how without losing sight of the ultimate goal.

The operating procedures of electronic design will necessarily include the following steps to optimize cost-benefit:

□ Analysis of Customer Specifications
□ feasibility study (including regulatory constraints assessment)
□ search for components
□ research and development of the hardware project
□ research and development of software and firmware
□ manufacturing of a product sample (PCB, assembly and programming)
□ Performing technical tests
□ study of the product manufacturing
□ study of the production process
□ quotation for presets and series
□ Production assistance and mass production
BRB S.R.L. is able to carry out the complete supply of the project, including the documentation realization and delivery to the Customer (schematic, gerber, firmware and software and some functioning prototypes) or just supply with prototypes only without releasing the design material to the customer. This second method involves a reduction of design and production costs for the customer.


BRB S.R.L. is able to produce on a small and medium-sized scale electronic cards of any kind intended for civil and professional applications, automotive, etc; it is also possible for BRB S.R.L. to produce only a few units of samples. BRB S.R.L. can be your only partner to follow the entire product development from the idea to the manufacturing of the customized product ready for the market, and upon request can also carry out the logistics service.
As far as the components supply is concerned, these can be supplied by BRB S.R.L. or directly by the customer depending on the agreement between the parties.

The production is divided into several phases and the two main production units are where the components in SMT technology are mounted using automatic assembly lines and the department used to mount the traditional components in PTH technology; In this latter department the mechanical assembly of the product is also performed. In most cases a mixed assembly is required and this will be evaluated from time to time such as the type and order of the work to be carried out.

All manufacturing batches undergo a careful visual and functional control by the end of production; larger batches are submitted to in-circuit control with nail bed equipment. In addition, all possible firmware / software programming operations can be carried out as well as any coating or potting treatments, assembly inside containers, etc, beyond the final trials and tests before packaging.

All manufacturing processes happen in accordance with current regulations (in particular RoHS).

The department staff is coordinated by a production manager and the annual production capacity of the company stands around 300,000 units, considering both assembled cards and finished products.

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