BRB S.R.L. handles the design, development and production of tailor made cards and embedded custom systems.
BRB S.R.L. Was born following the generational change of DIGIC S.R.L. inheriting the activity by preserving its infrastructure, know-how and technical staff.

In more than 30 years of activity, the old company has grown steadily over time by acquiring skills and expertise, specializing in the areas in which it operates, gaining consensus from an increasingly large, international market. In fact, the main focus is on the entire production process and the services offered aimed at meeting the needs of an ever more demanding and wide market.

BRB S.R.L. is able to offer solutions and technologies that cover the entire production process of electronic systems: electronic and mechanical design and consultancy, prototyping, software development, hardware study and implementation, product certification, testing and trial, manual development for after-sales service of the product. As part of its business, the company has also taken part in complex projects in collaboration with university and private research organizations.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the staff of BRB S.R.L. Knows quite well the global market for components acquisition at competitive prices and is able to deliver such advantages to its customers while maintaining high quality standards both for large quantity requests and small prototype orders.

The company can count on a consolidated group of 10 experienced employees plus its partners. It is certified ISO 9001: 2015. The prevailing field of activity is the automation (timers, drives and control cards) of water treatment plants such as softening, demineralisation, reverse osmosis, filtration and all those related to the chain.
In addition, the company has developed considerable telecontrol experience over the years, based on Linux, Windows embedded, radio, GSM, GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, WEB, LIN, CAN, Bluetooth, Modbus technology and Similar.


BRB S.R.L. owns the following equipment:

– Development tools for the most popular processors on the market (8.16 and 32bit);
– CNC milling machines for PCB prototype manufacturing;
– Nikon Microscopes for Quality Control in Production;
– Mantis Elite Magnifier Viewers for Quality Control in Production;
– Moisture controlled cabinets for component storage;
– Welder waves for PTH;
– Automatic in-circuit testing machine for Seica S40 cards.

The typical SMT assembly line is composed of:

– Loader for inserting PCBs;
– Automatic screen printing model Speedyprint SP200AVI;
– Conveyor for manual inspection;
– Pick-and-place I-Pulse M1 machine (22,000 components per hour);
– Conveyor for manual inspection;
– Pick-and-place I-Pulse M4 machine (20,000 components per hour);
– Conveyor for manual inspection;
– 14-zone temperature refinement oven IEMME Plus-14 model;
– PCB Collector Unloader.

For main-runner productions, there are also approved trial benches designed by our technical office.


In the early 2000s, our company started the process for quality certification aiming at perfecting and improving process management by using a universally recognized model among companies, the UNI EN ISO 9001 model. This path led to the elaboration of quality plans, procedures, operating instructions and modules that have optimized internal process management and led to complete computerization of documentation in support to the quality management system. The acquisition of the ISO 9001 compliance certificate in December 2009 has been an important milestone in a continuous improvement path to adapt the quality management system to a changing internal and external requirements.

The agency selected for SGQ certification is IMQ-CSQ, the most important Italian certification body, leader in Europe in the activity of conformity assessment (accredited body at Accredia – Italian accreditation body authorized by the State). The CISQ Federation adheres to the international agreement IQNet, which aims at the mutual recognition of corporate management systems certificaitons issued by the certification bodies of the main industrialized countries.

Our certified activities include the design and manufacture of electronic and electromechanical equipment. The objective of the certification is to develop, implement and improve quality management system efficiency, thus increasing customers satisfaction. The whole staff is involved in quality policy and every business process is kept under constant control: this system performs in management and technical actions, applied systematically and systematically throughout the entire organizational and production system, planned and documented, aimed at achieving the following goals:

□ achieving full customer satisfaction;
□ improve management results;
□ achieving better levels of competitiveness on the market;
□ constant and continuous improvement of product quality and quality system.

The selection of suppliers and therefore continuous control over the quality of raw materials and components used for production is essential to the quality system. Our Customer’s contribution to the achievement of quality objectives is of utmost importance, as any reason for dissatisfaction is analyzed by the Corporate Management in order to find and eliminate the causes. This phase focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality system, as it becomes a new starting point for setting a quality system as compatible as possible with the customers needs.


BRB S.R.L. operates in many areas such as industry, environment and energy, with particular reference to the following areas of application:

□ Electric power drives for AC/DC motors (inverters)
□ Controllers and inverters for alternative energy applications (wind and solar)
□ Environmental monitoring and control (data loggers and sensors, even remote)
□ Control systems for water treatment plants (controller / timer)
□ Control systems and control panels for water lifting pumps
□ Control of LED lighting systems
□ Audio processing and amplification systems
□ Digital communication systems
□ Systems for controlling production lines according to lean manufacturing
□ Remote GPS / GSM / GPRS / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / RFID / NFC management systems
□ Georeferenced management systems for mobile devices by GPS (fleet management)
□ Electronic control systems for agricultural equipment
□ Custom wiring for the above mentioned sectors

Our commercial references:

Akamai S.R.L.
Aima S.R.L.
Brain Technology S.p.A.
DM Europe S.R.L.
D’Uva Workshop S.R.L.
Fleck Controls Inc.
Palagini S.R.L.
Pentair International S.a.r.l.
Pentair Pumps S.p.A.
Pentair Water Italy
Saitec S.R.L.
SDG Nexus S.R.L.
Ugolini S.R.L.

Our bank references:
Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato

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